Features of the department
We integrate 15 programs in the EE field, emphasizing the dual professionals in both electrical and computer engineering and both software and hardware. The programs also include AI, semiconductors, IC design, biomedical electronics, and cutting-edge communications. The programs turn students into elites with interdisciplinary research abilities and provide solid courses with experiments to train students’ problem-solving skills with hands-on exercises. Moreover, the programs help students build their innovation and entrepreneurship skills.
Science Implementation
Electronics and Electrical Engineering covers almost every subject related to electricity, which is categorized into 15 programs according to different expertise. The 15 programs include semiconductor engineering, solid-state and quantum physics, sensing element, IC Design, analog circuit and system, electronic design automation, communication science, multimedia signal processing, information and communications, wireless technologies, AI and computer engineering, power electronics, biomedical electronics, bionic robot technologies, and system controls.
Display of Research Results
The research and development achievements of the professors of the Department of Electrical Engineering are all-encompassing, and are closely related to our daily life, food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment. It is the Department of Electrical Engineering that includes all the sciences related to electricity, so that our achievements can be at the forefront of the world's science and technology, which has always been refreshing.
Outstanding Student Works
Students can choose the research area they are interested in teaching, and the topic of the research project can be discussed and confirmed by classmates and advisors. The group members are selected by the students themselves, some people are in one group, and some people are in groups of more than one person. For some topics, the instructors will be grouped into groups. After making the actual results, the students will vote for each other after shooting the video of the results and making the posters to select outstanding research works.
Graduate Study